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The Year of Intelligent Tigers (novel)

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The Year of Intelligent Tigers
The Year of Intelligent Tigers
Doctor: Eighth Doctor
Companion(s): Fitz, Anji
Main enemy: Hitchemus Tigers, Hitchemus colonists
Main setting: Port Any, Hitchemus, 22nd century
Key crew
Publisher: BBC Books
Writer: Kate Orman
Release details
Release number: 46
Release date: 4 June 2001
Format: Paperback Book; 18 Chapters, 288 Pages
ISBN 0-563-53831-7
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BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures
Eater of Wasps The Slow Empire

The Year of Intelligent Tigers was the forty-sixth novel in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Kate Orman. It featured the Eighth Doctor, Fitz Kreiner and Anji Kapoor.

Publisher's summary Edit

"Doctor!" said Anji. This couldn't be happening, he couldn't just walk out on them! "Look, give them a chance, they're frightened, they're only —"

"Human?" The Doctor took a deep breath, as though to stop himself from saying anything more. "Now, stay!"

The weather is going to hell. The tigers are coming to town. And the Doctor has taken his violin and vanished.

The island world of Hitchemus is home to a colony of musicians and seemingly harmless alien animals. When the storms and the tigers break loose, the Doctor tries to protect the humans — but the humans don't want him. When he ventures into the wilderness in search of the tigers' secrets, Fitz and Anji find themselves on their own, trying to prevent a war.

With both sides eager for blood, and hurricanes on the horizon, the Doctor must decide whether this time he's on the side of the human race.

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Art by Roger Langridge from DWM 307

  • This book is also available as an ebook from the Amazon Kindle store.

Reprint Edit

  • BBC Books announced that a "print on demand" reprint edition of this novel would be made available as of 30 September 2011 as the imprint revisited adventures featuring the first eight Doctors.

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