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They're All Nouns You Idiot

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They're All Nouns You Idiot
Also called: Noun
Type: Planet
Location: Mutter's Spiral
Appearance: Ghost Devices

They're All Nouns You Idiot was a planet colonised by the humans. It gained its name from bad-tempered and mistranslated natives and was more commonly known as Noun.

The Twin Bank had one of its branches on Noun. In 2594, Sul Starren, who worked at Twin Bank, planned to kill himself until he was stopped by a mysterious individual. This individual also gave him several tips for future investments. When he tried to siphon off funds for this, he allowed Canopus IV to be opened for exploration, removing Twin Bank's monopoly on its futurite. He was later killed for this. (PROSE: Ghost Devices)

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