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Thicker Than Water (audio story)

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Thicker Than Water
Thicker Than Water cover
Doctor: Sixth Doctor
Companion(s): Mel
Featuring: Evelyn, Seventh Doctor
Main enemy: Dr. Andrew Szabó
Main setting: Világ
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Paul Sutton
Director: Edward Salt
Music: ERS
Sound: ERS
Cover by: Lee Binding
Release details
Release number: 73
Release date: September 2005
Format: 4 Episodes on 2 CDs
Production code: 7C/U
ISBN 1-84435-159-9
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Thicker Than Water was the seventy-third monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions. Featuring the Sixth Doctor, Melanie Bush and Evelyn Smythe, it was a sequel to Arrangements for War. This story is set following Evelyn's first departure from travelling with the Doctor, which is presented in flashbacks in this episode and was previously briefly alluded to in The Juggernauts.

Publisher's summary Edit

Three years after Világ was all but laid waste by the Killorans, the Doctor is back alongside a different companion. And a lot has changed.

Now elected Principal Triumvir, head of a tripartite government, Rossiter is working to secure a peaceful future for the planet by researching the technology the Killorans left behind. But he has to contend with opposition from his daughter, Sofia, who heads a public campaign demanding the destruction of all alien artefacts.

Politics has caused a rift between father and daughter, and as if that weren't enough, Sofia doesn't approve of her new stepmother either. Emotions soon boil over into violence — violence that seems to have gripped the entire city.

Friendships bind people close, but they say that blood is...

Plot Edit

to be added

Cast Edit

Uncredited Edit

References Edit

Individuals Edit

  • At some point during their travels together, the Doctor and Evelyn eventually visited the court of Elizabeth I.

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