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Thomas Brewster (born 1846 or 1847) was an orphan, mudlark and street urchin in Victorian London. He became a companion of the Fifth and Sixth Doctors.


Meeting the Doctor

Thomas met the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa on 14 November 1867 while he was being haunted by what he thought was the ghost of his mother, who had died in 1851. After the Doctor helped him, he stowed away in the Doctor's TARDIS and accidentally set it on a solo flight. (AUDIO: The Haunting of Thomas Brewster)

Solo travels

Brewster gained limited control over the TARDIS. On one of his stops, the TARDIS was taken from him for ransom and he was forced to work for the Doctor's old enemy, Gerry Lenz. At this time, Brewster met the Doctor's old friends, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Polly Wright. The three of them rescued the TARDIS from Lenz and saved the Earth from dying and from a Coffinloader, a beast which fed on dying worlds. (AUDIO: The Three Companions)

Eventually, the TARDIS began to malfunction due to Brewster's meddling. Before the ship could come to any further harm, Thomas was helped by an elderly Adric, who got him back to London a few months after his departure. The Doctor invited him to join him on his travels (AUDIO: The Boy That Time Forgot) but soon after he joined, they returned to the location of one of his previous travels, where it was revealed that Brewster had sold several vital components of the TARDIS to the marooned crew of the Gamma. Among the components Brewster sold was the TARDIS' conceptual geometer, the removal of which greatly destabilised the structure of the TARDIS and eventually caused the collapse of the ship's internal dimensions. However, the Doctor was able to reconnect the geometer to the TARDIS, restoring its interior to normal. (AUDIO: Time Reef)

Leaving the Doctor

After they left, Brewster convinced the Doctor to take him to 2008 supposedly to see his future. In fact, he wished to be reunited with a young woman named Connie Winter, whom he had met whilst travelling in the Doctor's TARDIS alone. Thomas decided to stay in 2008 with Connie rather than continue travelling with the Doctor and Nyssa. (AUDIO: A Perfect World)

Reunion with the Doctor

Brewster enjoyed his life with Connie, but tragedy struck. She was hit by a car and suffered an irreversible coma. Alone in a time when he didn't fit, Brewster found the time machine he had built while under the control of the alien pretending to be his mother in 1867. He was trying to return to his own time when he was contacted by Symbios, a sentient planet which was being invaded by an alien robot species called the Terravore. Brewster provided Symbios with hosts who were riding the tube. After defeating the Terravores with the Doctor, now in his sixth incarnation, Evelyn Smythe and DI Patricia Menzies, Brewster stole the TARDIS key, snuck aboard and held the Doctor and Evelyn at gunpoint, demanding they return him to his own time. (AUDIO: The Crimes of Thomas Brewster)

Brewster helped the Doctor defeat the Axons. (AUDIO: The Feast of Axos)

After an adventure in Victorian Lancashire, Brewster was left behind by the Doctor. However, he went on to travel with an alien trader. (AUDIO: Industrial Evolution)

Behind the scenes