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Thomas Kincade Brannigan
Thomas Kincade Brannigan
Species: Catkind
Place of origin: New Earth
Spouse: Valerie Brannigan
First seen in: Gridlock
Other appearances:
Main actor: Ardal O'Hanlon
Behind the scenes video
Ardal O'Hanlon as talking cat - Doctor Who Confidential - BBC00:57

Ardal O'Hanlon as talking cat - Doctor Who Confidential - BBC

Thomas Kincade Brannigan was a Cat who lived in New New York with his human wife, Valerie.

Thomas and Valerie travelled in their flying car and were stuck on the motorway for twelve years. They had several two-month-old children, who looked like normal Earth kittens. When he saw the Tenth Doctor struggling for air he let him into the car, and the Doctor told him that he was searching for his companion Martha Jones. He told the Doctor about the Motorway and how they had spent twelve years travelling five miles. He was later released from the Motorway when the Face of Boe opened it up. (TV: Gridlock)

He lost Valerie when New New York was invaded by Judoon and Cybermen. Along with Novice Hame, he managed to summon the Doctor back to New Earth, and worked alongside him to defeat the invaders. (COMIC: In-Flight Entertainment)

Behind the scenes Edit

According to Russell T Davies on the audio commentary for Gridlock, the look of Brannigan was inspired by the early 1990s Children's BBC character "Ratz", a computer generated cat's head that wore flight goggles and was voiced by Paul Brophy.

The Eleventh Doctor later made mention of endorsing Brannigan's Kitten Sanctuary in NOTVALID: Service with a Shhhh.

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