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Annabell and Heather (valid)

Heather and Annabel Lake reading Through the Looking Glass. (COMIC: The Broken Man)

Through the Looking-Glass was a book written by Lewis Carroll.

It was a sequel to Alice in Wonderland and was sometimes published together with it in an omnibus edition. (COMIC: Salad Daze) The Eighth Doctor had such an edition, The Alice Compendium, in the TARDIS library. (AUDIO: Zagreus)

Heather Lake and Annabel Lake read the book together. (COMIC: The Broken Man)

Ace also read a copy of Through the Looking Glass, in the TARDIS. (PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible)

Behind the scenes Edit

Through the Looking Glass Ace

Ace goes through the looking glass. (COMIC: Cat Litter)

During a segment in the comic Cat Litter which has Ace going through a series of rooms in the Doctor's TARDIS, one panel recreates a well-known illustration from the original edition of Through the Looking Glass.

The Eleventh Doctor quoted "The Walrus and the Carpenter", a poem in the novel, in The Rings of Akhaten when he explained to Merry Gejelh why she should not sacrifice herself to Akhaten.

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