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You may be looking for the writer.

Tim Gambrell was a research scientist working at the Vault in 1969, one of the few that Anne Travers got on with. He helped her to examine the Om-Tsor, and later secretly sent her a sample of the alien drug when Anne needed it during her visit to Fang Rock. (PROSE: Beast of Fang Rock)

He later unwittingly gave Anne clues as to the baby's origins when she brought her friend Patricia Richards and the alien baby to the Vault for some tests. It was at this point that Anne worried that Tim was being corrupted by his time at the Vault, after seeing him conduct his tests on a young man with Moon Blink in his system. (PROSE: Moon Blink)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The character, featured in the Lethbridge-Stewart novels, is named after Tim Gambrell, who won a Twitter competition to have a character named after him. He later went on to write several stories in the line.

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