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Time Heals (audio story)

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Time Heals
Time Heals cover
Main character(s): Emily Chaudhry, Robert Dalton
Featuring: The Brigadier, Will Hoffman, Francis Currie
Main enemy: ICIS
Main setting: England, the 2000s
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Iain McLaughlin & Claire Bartlett
Director: Jason Haigh-Ellery
Producer: David Darlington
Cover by: Red Ink
Release details
Release number: 1
Release date: December 2004
Format: 1 episode on 1 CD
Production code: BFPUNITCD01
ISBN 1-84435-092-4
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The Coup Snake Head

Time Heals was the second story in the Big Finish UNIT audio series. It was written by Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett.

Publisher's summary Edit

The UK branch of UNIT is under threat. The Government wants its own military investigative organisation, one under its sole control. The public want answers to the strange things that have been happening recently.

When the division's commanding officer goes missing whilst transporting a dangerous cargo, Colonel Emily Chaudhry, UNIT's political officer, is thrown in at the deep end. Things are not helped when a series of accidents show a bizarre pattern.

The Brigadier, meanwhile, is trying to enjoy his retirement — but it seems it is time again for him to come to the rescue.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

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Terrorism Edit

  • Francis Currie says there has been a growing number of terrorist attacks in recent years, and speculates that the incident with the train may be an Islamic terror attack, and suggests the banking computer bug could be a result of a anti-Western fundamentalist group.

Science Edit

Pop Culture Edit

  • Bernard compares the matter transportation experiments to Star Trek.
  • Dalton thinks time travel is something out of Star Trek.
  • Dalton compares the corpse to Mickey Mouse.

Notes Edit

  • This audio drama was recorded on 7 August 2004.
  • The idea of a train transported through time with its passengers all dead would be explored again in the audio story Time Tunnel.

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