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Time Hunter was a Doctor Who spin-off. It was a series of novellas published by Telos Publishing that featured Honoré Lechasseur and Emily Blandish, who first appeared in the novella The Cabinet of Light. The books were published between 2003 and 2007.

Audio adaptations of the Time Hunter novellas have been produced and released through Fantom Films. The "pilot" novella, The Cabinet of Light was rebranded as part of the Time Hunter series for the audios and the publisher's numbering system reflects this.

Books Edit

Title Author Published
The Winning Side Lance Parkin 20 November 2003
The Tunnel at the End of the Light Stefan Petrucha 28 April 2004
The Clockwork Woman Claire Bott 14 June 2004
Kitsune John Paul Catton September 2004
The Severed Man George Mann December 2004
Echoes Iain McLaughlin, Claire Bartlett March 2005
Peculiar Lives Philip Purser-Hallard July 2005
Deus Le Volt Jon de Burgh Miller December 2005
The Albino's Dancer Dale Smith April 2006
The Sideways Door R.J. Carter, Troy Riser August 2006
Child of Time George Mann, David J. Howe August 2007

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