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Strax owned a shark which could travel through time. He named it the Time Shark. It wore a fez.

Strax used the shark to manipulate the development of a tree in which Jenny Flint's cat, Mittens, became stuck. Strax and the shark travelled to the tree's creation and prevented it from growing, saving Mittens.

After Jenny asked Strax to pick up a pineapple, he rode the shark to the green grocers.

Strax used the shark to travel to 2016, where he encountered a boy who blocked his path on a sidewalk. Strax learned that the boy wasn't moving because of two bullies which were just around the corner of the next building. Strax let the boy ride the Time Shark with him and they scared the bullies with the shark's sharp teeth. (COMIC: The Adventures of Strax & the Time Shark)