Time wardens were a group of time travelling police who operated in the Time Vortex. Their known responsibilities included arbitrating disputes over rights of way in traffic accidents. The Doctor knew of and was known by them. Their technology allowed them to travel quickly without space-time vessels. They movement was accompanied by a ball of light and, if dematerialising, a loud popping sound. They could guide time-travellers from the Vortex to nearby planets.

This isn't stated, but a time warden did land on a planet side-by-side with a TARDIS and an individual who had no ability to navigate within the Vortex.

A time warden appeared to mediate between the Seventh Doctor and Death's Head after a collision, but chose not to intervene when he saw how large and dangerous Death's Head was. He reappeared after Death's Head shrank down to a smaller size but dematerialised again when Death's Head promised to kill him if he interfered. He returned when he noted the sound of the TARDIS taking off without moving from its place. Finding that the Doctor had not fairly honoured his business contract with the bounty hunter, he said that he should arrest the Doctor but would overlook it that time. (COMIC: The Crossroads of Time)

He wasn't physically present for the business contract. This would indicate some kind of remote viewing, although no rematerialisation effect was shown before he appeared, either.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe notes the close superficial resemblance to the Time Guardian who appeared in Motormouth Issue 9, which was published five years after the Doctor Who character's appearance. The Time Guardian directs all time travel to and from his realm from the chamber called "the Crossroads of Time", coincidentally the title of the Doctor Who Magazine comic.