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Timeview was a Doctor Who reference book published by Who Dares Publishing.

Subject matter Edit

Illustrator Frank Bellamy's completed Doctor Who work for Radio Times with a commentary by his son David.

Publisher's summary Edit

The definitive collection of the Doctor Who illustrations by Frank Bellamy completed for the Radio Times magazine during the 1970s.

"From wandering upstairs with a script in his hands...a few hours later a beautifully presented piece of artwork would was an instant explosion onto the watching a magician, the quickness of the hand deceiving the eye."

So writes David Bellamy of his father, Frank Bellamy, one of Britain's greatest dramatic illustrators who revolutionised the picture strip with his dynamic syle and brilliant draughtsmanship. David shares his personal observations of his father at work and recalls the man behind the pen that produced nearly three decades of outstanding illustration.

Frank Bellamy enjoyed a worldwide reputation and in 1972 received the Best Foreign Artist award from the American Academy of Comic Book Arts.

Notable features Edit

  • Radio Times reproductions of Frank Bellamy's work and full listing of his contributions as not much original artwork could be sourced from 1971 to 1976.

Notes Edit

  • This title from Who Dares Publishing was personally supported by artist Andrew Skilleter (who set up the company) along with The Man Who Drew Tomorrow which looked at the artwork of Frank Hampson, both among his favourite illustrators.
  • Frank Bellamy usually illustrated to actual size, with many illustrations being not much bigger than the size of a postage stamp to accompany the magazines listings section.
  • Design was credited to Cherriwyn Magill.
  • The paperback edition was priced £3.95 (UK)