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Timewyrm: Exodus is the second book in the New Adventures series, and was written by Terrance Dicks. It is the second book in the Timewyrm story arc, and features the Seventh Doctor and Ace.

Publisher's summary

The pursuit of the Timewyrm leads the Doctor and Ace to London, 1951, and the Festival of Britain — a celebration of the achievements of this small country, this insignificant corner of the glorious Thousand Year Reich.

Someone — or something — has been interfering with the time lines, and in order to investigate, the Doctor travels further back in time to the very dawn of the Nazi evil. In the heart of the Germany of the Third Reich, he finds that this little band of thugs and misfits did not take over half the world unaided.

History must be restored to its proper course, and in his attempt to repair the time lines, the Doctor faces the most terrible dilemma he has ever known...


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The Doctor

  • The Seventh Doctor has grey eyes and can speak German.
  • The Doctor goes under the alias Johann Schmidt.
  • The Seventh Doctor describes his third and fourth incarnations as, "Well, I tried tall and dignified, and all teeth and curls, but it didn't really suit me."

The Doctor's items

Foods and beverages


  • The Doctor claims to have never met Adolf Hitler before this occasion.
  • Ace is almost killed by the warlord/chief.
  • Hitler develops psychic powers because of the Timewyrm trapped within him.




  • The Doctor has a Stattenheim remote control for the TARDIS. Whistling helps focus the mind to telepathically call forth the TARDIS.
  • The War Chief mentions his SIDRATs.


Time Lords

  • The War Chief is also known as Doktor Felix Kriegslieter.
  • When the War Chief was shot his Time Lord physiology saved him and he started to regenerate, but his injuries were too severe, leaving him half-regenerated.
  • After the War Chief is engulfed in flame, Ace looks back and sees him as "a young man, tall, dark and satanically handsome".


  • Nitro-9-a has half the power of Nitro-9 and is half as heavy, but is marginally more stable.


  • This is the second novel in the Timewyrm tetralogy.
  • The novel Timewyrm: Revelation continues some elements of this novel.
  • The novel Endgame features a brief scene from this novel. In that instance, the currently-amnesic Eighth Doctor observes but does not recognise the Seventh Doctor and Ace visiting the Festival of Britain in 1951.
  • This is a sequel to the television story The War Games, which introduced the War Chief.
  • Some of the influences of the War Chief are seen in the novel Players.


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