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Timothy Combe directed the Doctor Who television stories Doctor Who and the Silurians and The Mind of Evil.

He had earlier served as the uncredited assistant floor manager on The Keys of Marinus (INFO: "A Change of Identity"), and later served as the production assistant on The Reign of Terror. (INFO: "A Land of Fear")

Some sources state Combe served as the uncredited director for "A Change of Identity", the third episode of Reign, after the director Henric Hirsch collapsed, but Combe later recalled that John Gorrie was parachuted in to direct it. However, Gorrie denies ever working on any of Reign. (INFO: "A Change of Identity")

Combe also directed several model sequences shot on film for episode seven of The Evil of the Daleks, but received no credit. (DWM 200) He also had an uncredited cameo as a prisoner in The Mind of Evil. (DWM 208)

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