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Tiro was the home planet of the Staggs. It had twelve stars. Tiro was visited by the First Doctor at some time in its history, when he met Argon and helped defeat an invasion attempt by Klarimo. He made his second visit to the planet to test the repairs he had made to the TARDIS, which had been damaged in the escape from the sons of Grekk. He discovered that one of his klister valves had run out of magnatite, and went searching for Argon to get some more. Along the way he had several close encounters with the various hostile life forms of Tiro, including an Auroyell, a carnivorous flower, and a giant ant. He was finally reunited with Argon in an underground chamber, where he learned that Klarimo was still on Tiro as an energy being and poisoning the Staggs' water supply. After defeating Klarimo, the Doctor obtained some magnatite from Argon and was able to leave Tiro. (PROSE: Terror on Tiro)

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