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A Toby jug was a pottery jug. The jugs were often in a form of seated person, or the head of a famous person.

Edith Randall had a Toby jug collection. (PROSE: Eye of the Gorgon) It was inside a glass cabinet. (TV: Eye of the Gorgon) Clyde Langer was bemused when he saw it. (PROSE: Eye of the Gorgon)

Albert Marsden hid his car keys inside a Toby jug. Ace took them from there when she nicked Albert's car. (AUDIO: Protect and Survive)

On the maiden voyage of the Schirron Dream, Bernice Summerfield stacked the pewter pint pots, toby jugs and lead crystal decanters on to a tray and carried it off through the salon of the ship. (PROSE: Sky Pirates!)