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Toffee apples were apples covered in toffee. They were often served on Bonfire Night. The Eleventh Doctor once ate a toffee apple on Bonfire Night with Louie Rollins and Millie Peterson. He described them as being "an incredible combination of flavours and a star exploding in your mouth". (PROSE: The Night After Hallowe'en) He also acquired a toffee apple at the Galactic Fair on Stanalan. (PROSE: Death Riders)

The Pied Piper's realm had toffee apple trees. (COMIC: Challenge of the Piper)

Toffee apples were served at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. (PROSE: The Nightmare Fair; AUDIO: The Nightmare Fair)

While aboard the HMS Thunder in 1941, the Seventh Doctor removed a half eaten toffee apple from his pocket. (AUDIO: Dark Convoy)

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