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Tokyo was the capital of Japan.

History Edit

In 2008, a Samurai warrior was brought forward to the early 21st century by the Rift Manipulator where he began to terrorise travellers on the Tokyo subway system. (TV: End of Days)

In the Year That Never Was, Japan (most likely including Tokyo) was destroyed by the Master. This was undone when Jack Harkness destroyed the paradox machine. (TV: Last of the Time Lords)

During the Sontaran invasion of Earth in 2009, Tokyo was the first place of human deaths by the smog which was distributed by ATMOS. (TV: The Poison Sky)

The Tokyo Space Centre was involved, in 2010, in the teleconferencing that took place during the Atraxi crisis. (TV: The Eleventh Hour) Also during 2010, Axos invaded Tokyo after disguising itself as the headquarters of drinks company Goruda. (COMIC: The Golden Ones)

Later in the 21st century, Tokyo had a T-Mat centre. (TV: The Seeds of Death)

Tokyo became an independent state in 2096. (PROSE: The Indestructible Man)

In 2156, InterSpace Incorporated headquarters in Tokyo were forcibly taken over by IMC. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

In the year 2191, Tokyo had a namesake in the shape of the colony world New Tokyo. (PROSE: Time of Your Life)

In 2540, there were anti-Draconian riots in Tokyo. (TV: Frontier in Space)

The Tenth Doctor and Martha travelled to Tokyo in the year 3000, which featured a building known as the Mega Bank of Tokyo. (COMIC: Operation Lock-up)

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