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Tollund was a kingdom on the planet of Cashel. At one time it was ruled by King Allanite and Queen Amethyst, until a witch doctor named Xenotime turned the people of Tollund against the Queen.

After convincing King Allanite to leave his wife and marry her, Xenotime became Queen, locked up her husband, and banished her step-daughter to the peat tunnels. Eventually she executed her husband and his former wife. Xenotime ruled Tollund with fear and her resurrected army of bog warriors. She also attempted to expand her territory by starting wars with the neighbouring kingdom of Lindow and when that failed, she agree to a peace treaty if their prince agreed to marry her or one of her daughters.

The Tenth Doctor helped Princess Ash to end Xenotime's reign of terror and take back her place as the rightful ruler of Tollund. (PROSE: The Bog Warrior)

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