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Tom was a travelling companion of Iris Wildthyme.

Biography Edit

In early November 2000, Tom was kidnapped by Iris when he thought he was catching the bus to Putney Common. The bus was Iris' TARDIS.

His first trip in the bus took Iris and him to Calgoria, where they became embroiled with the forest-dwelling Jirat and the pathologically metropolitan Trinarr.

While Tom was travelling with Iris, they were joined by Jenny. They aided the Doctor in defeating the Dalek Supreme in the Crystal Mines of Marlion. (PROSE: Verdigris, AUDIO: The Devil in Ms. Wildthyme)

A month after meeting Iris, Tom met the Third Doctor and Jo Grant while battling a beast known as Verdigris. (PROSE: Verdigris)

Tom later returned to Earth because he finally wanted to settle down. He began to write about his travels with Iris. Tom met a sentient toy panda called Panda, who became Tom's best friend during his time on Earth. Iris later came back to Earth to give Tom a memory crystal for safe keeping. After seeing Iris again, Tom decided he wanted to give travelling through the multiverse another shot. (AUDIO: Wildthyme at Large)

He was sent by Marwick to the ID club. He had a first in English Literature. Iris thought he was becoming the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. (AUDIO: The Devil in Ms. Wildthyme)

During one of their adventures, Tom, Iris and Panda managed to prevent an old freighter from crashing into prehistoric Earth and killing all the dinosaurs. (PROSE: Future Legend)

Tom aided five incarnations of Iris to defeat PAND-R in Blackpool Tower. (PROSE: From Wildthyme with Love)

Eventually Tom decided to leave Iris once again because he had fallen in love with someone, leaving Panda with her. (AUDIO: The Sound of Fear)

Traits Edit

Tom was gay and mixed-race. (PROSE: Verdigris)

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