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Tom Bullen was a reporter for the Central News Agency in 1888 covering the Jack the Ripper story. Sir Charles Warren (actually his Ju'wes impersonator) believed the "Dear Boss" letter was a hoax created by the news agency, and that Bullen personally had written the letter, naming the killer as "Jack the Ripper". Bullen was critical of Warren's handling of the case, and misreported the facts to make Warren look incompetent.

On 30 September, 1888, he was present at the crime scene investigation of the murders of Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes. At Stride's murder scene, he bothered Warren with his questions. At the Eddowes scene, he wrote down notes for the story that "Miss Marple" (Amy Pond) had predicted the second death, and that the Ripper had been caught. The mistakenly apprehended Eleventh Doctor was subsequently released.

With Mac'atyde's death, the murders ended. Frederick Abberline said that Bullen, and his paper, no longer had anything to scare people with. (COMIC: Ripper's Curse)

Behind the scenes Edit

According to a 1913 letter written by John Littlechild, Scotland Yard had generally believed that a "Tom Bullen of Central News", probably the reporter Thomas Bulling, originated the term "Jack the Ripper".