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Tonner Character Figures were a series of Doctor Who and Torchwood 16" - 17" tall dolls squarely aimed at the collectible market.[1]

Each page of the Tonner website carries a message declaring that its products "are not toys; they are products intended for the adult collector ages 14 years and older".

They had an average price of close to USD 200. Some of the reasons for the expense were their dimensions and the unusual degree of attention taken on each doll's clothing — a particular forté of the prestigious Tonner Doll Company. Along with each figure came an equally collectible box. In the case of the Doctor Who figures, the box was in the regeneration colours of orange and gold. It featured Gallifreyan script and the RTD-era logo.

The Doctor Who figures were released in the summer of 2010. This was odd timing for a series 3-era Martha Jones figure to make her debut. Indeed, given that it came out after the transmission of The End of Time, the Tenth Doctor figure would have been seen by initial purchasers as a past incarnation of the Doctor. However, prototype dolls were seen as early as January 2009 at the International Dolls Expo. This means that the dolls were under development no later than 2008 — when Martha and the Tenth Doctor were still very much active characters. The reasons for the long delay are not well understood, but Tonner obliquely acknowledged the long development cycle in a 2010 press release, indicating the delay may have had to do with waiting for approvals to come through.

Doll USD MSRP Height Description Picture
Gwen Cooper $169.99 16" Sculpted in the likeness of Eve Myles, Gwen Cooper wears a top shirt under jacket with belted denims; includes hosiery, boots and display stand.
Jack Harkness $199.99 17.5" Sculpted in likeness of John Barrowman, Captain Jack Harkness wears a tee shirt under a long-sleeve cotton shirt with belted trousers and long duster coat; includes socks, shoes and display stand.
Martha Jones $174.99 16" Sculpted in the likeness of Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones, this Tonner Character Figure wears a knit top under a faux leather jacket and denims; includes earring, necklace, bracelet, hair trim, hosiery, shoes and display stand.
Tenth Doctor $179.99 17" Sculpted in the likeness of David Tennant as the tenth incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Doctor, this Tonner Character Figure wears a two-piece suit including shirt, tie, socks, shoes and sonic screwdriver.
Time Lord's coat accessory $49.99 n/a Faux suede duster; fully lined. This is actually just the Tenth Doctor's trench coat.

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