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Toothache! was a Doctor Who Adventures comic strip published in 2013.

Summary Edit

When Decky develops a toothache the Doctor rumbles a plan on a 30th century medical station by an Amorta to extract everyones teeth for thir valuable calcium!

Plot Edit

When Decky Flamboon develops a "fang" ache the Doctor takes him to a medical facility in space in the 30th century. The dentistry area is full. Everyone seems to have developed toothache a few days ago just before the new dentist arrived. When the Doctor hears Decky cry-out he bursts in to find the dentist's robots about to conduct the removal of Decky's fangs. Disabling the robots by tying them up with sonic dental floss the Doctor turns to the dentist. Using his sonic screwdriver to deactivate the dentists holographic disguise the dentist is revealed to bean Amorta. The Amorta are single-celled creatures from a pocket universe. On the Amorta's home world calcium is like gold. The Amorta sent out a telepathic message convincing everyone they had toothache. By pretending to be a dentist he was able to extract and collect as many teeth/calcium deposits as he wanted. The Doctor raises his sonic screwdriver and setting it to the right frequency causes the Amorta to vibrate away and forces it to return home. To make sure that Decky doesn't have anymore toothache the Doctor gives him a toothbrush!

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  • All of the patients and staff at the medical centre appear to be alien — all except the holographic nurse at reception.

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  • Publication with page count and closing captions
  • No reprints to date.

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