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Topps Alien Attax was a trading card game launched by Topps Europe Limited in March 2013.

Following the success of GE Fabbri Ltd's Doctor Who: Battles in Time collectable trading cards and magazine series, and Panini's Alien Armies, Topps released a third trading card game. Simpler than previous cards, each card had only an "Attack" and "Defence" rating that could be used in game play.

Starter pack Edit

A starter pack was available from newsagents and consisted of:

  • Collector's Binder – a plastic-sleeved folder to house the collection, with a removable cover insert. It listed details and had a checklist of all 240 cards.
  • A fold out guide with a picture checklist on one side and How to Play guide and card information on the other
  • A double-sided Alien Attax Game Sheet where the players could layout their strongest cards, ready for play against an opponent by beating their opponents corresponding score.
  • Four packs of 4 assorted cards (individually available from retailers priced £1.00 UK)
  • The Starter pack was in a sealed clear bag was priced at £4.99 (UK)
  • Ten wrappers could be used by submitting them for a prize draw of lifesize cardboard cutouts, alien mask packs and £10 (UK) Diabloskinz vouchers.

Booster pack Edit

  • Priced at £5.00 (UK) was a booster pack of card consisting of 5 packs mounted on a card backing with an exclusive collector card featuring the Weeping Angel.

Alien Attax Collectors Tin Edit

  • This Alien Attax themed tin contained 26 Regular cards, 3 Mirror Foil cards and 1 Rainbow Foil card.
  • The collectors tin priced £9.99 (UK), also came with an exclusive lenticular card featuring the regeneration of the Ninth Doctor into the Tenth Doctor.

Gallery Edit

Card features Edit

  • The 240 card collection was made up of various card types under the categories;
Rainbow Foil Cards (16)
Mirror Foil Cards (32)
Alien (72)
Humans (60)
Humanoid (5)
Companions (19)
Time Lords (19)
Robots (8)
Cyborgs (6)
Humanoid Cats (3)
Demon (1)
Vehicle (1)
  • All the cards featured a single image against a different colour themed background with the main image.
  • Cards could be purchased as packets of nine cards (including one foil card) for £1.00 (UK).

Unlike other trading card sets, collectors were able to complete their collection by ordering direct any missing cards ( with a restriction per application of 2 Rainbow Foil Cards at 35p (UK), 2 Mirror Foil Cards at 22p (UK) and Regular Cards at 12p (UK).

Gallery of card eExamples Edit

Alien ATTAX Card Listing Edit

CategoryNumberCard Title
Rainbow Foil 001 The Eleventh Doctor
Rainbow Foil 002 CyberKing
Rainbow Foil 003 Davros
Rainbow Foil 004 Dalek
Rainbow Foil 005 Cyberman
Rainbow Foil 006 The Master
Rainbow Foil 007 The First Doctor
Rainbow Foil 008 Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Rainbow Foil 009 The Silence
Rainbow Foil 010 Weeping Angel
Rainbow Foil 011 The Ninth Doctor
Rainbow Foil 012 The Tenth Doctor
Rainbow Foil 013 River Song
Rainbow Foil 014 Amy Pond
Rainbow Foil 015 Susan Foreman
Rainbow Foil 016 Sarah Jane Smith
Mirror Foil 017 Vislor Turlough
Mirror Foil 018 Jamie McCrimmon
Mirror Foil 019 Victoria Waterfield
Mirror Foil 020 Professor Malcom Taylor
Mirror Foil 021 Jackson Lake
Mirror Foil 022 Supreme Dalek
Mirror Foil 023 Tegan Jovanka
Mirror Foil 024 Madame Kovarian
Mirror Foil 025 Leela
Mirror Foil 026 Face of Boe
Mirror Foil 027 Judoon
Mirror Foil 028 The Beast
Mirror Foil 029 Auton Rory
Mirror Foil 030 Silurian
Mirror Foil 031 Vashta Nerada
Mirror Foil 032 Ood
Mirror Foil 033 Lady Cassandra
Mirror Foil 034 Vicki Pallister
Mirror Foil 035 Liz Ten
Mirror Foil 036 Jenny (Doctor's Daughter)
Mirror Foil 037 Captain Jack Harkness
Mirror Foil 038 K-9
Mirror Foil 039 Mickey Smith
Mirror Foil 040 Rory Williams
Mirror Foil 041 Donna Noble
Mirror Foil 042 Martha Jones
Mirror Foil 043 Rose Tyler
Mirror Foil 044 Empty Child
Mirror Foil 045 Alpha Centauri
Mirror Foil 046 Harriet Jones
Mirror Foil 047 Sycorax
Mirror Foil 048 Slitheen
Aliens 049 Abzorbaloff
Aliens 050 Adipose
Aliens 051 Argolin
Aliens 052 Atraxi
Aliens 053 Axon
Aliens 054 Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen
Aliens 055 Carrionite
Aliens 056 Chantho
Aliens 057 Cherub
Aliens 058 Cleaves' Ganger
Aliens 059 Dalek Emperor
Aliens 060 Dickens' Ganger
Aliens 061 Drahvin
Aliens 062 Eknodine
Aliens 063 Eldrad
Aliens 064 The Family of Blood
Aliens 065 Fendahl
Aliens 066 Flood
Aliens 067 Foamasi
Aliens 068 The Forest of Cheem
Aliens 069 Gelth
Aliens 070 Gibbis
Aliens 071 Haemovore
Aliens 072 Hath Gable
Aliens 073 Ice Warrior
Aliens 074 Jagaroth
Aliens 075 Jagrafess
Aliens 076 Jennifer Lucas' Ganger
Aliens 077 Jimmy Wicks' Ganger
Aliens 078 Kraal
Aliens 079 Krafayis
Aliens 080 Krillitane
Aliens 081 Lassar
Aliens 082 Lilith
Aliens 083 Macra
Aliens 084 Menoptra
Aliens 085 Minotaur
Aliens 086 Mother Bloodtide
Aliens 087 Mother Doomfinger
Aliens 088 Moxx of Balhoon
Aliens 089 Muto
Aliens 090 Ogron
Aliens 091 Ood Sigma
Aliens 092 Peg Doll
Aliens 093 Plasmavore
Aliens 094 Prisoner Zero
Aliens 095 Pyrovile
Aliens 096 Racnoss
Aliens 097 Reaper
Aliens 098 Scarecrow
Aliens 099 Sea Devil
Aliens 100 Signora Rosanna Calvierri
Aliens 101 Sil
Aliens 102 Slyther
Aliens 103 Shakri
Aliens 104 Snowman
Aliens 105 Sontaran
Aliens 106 Steward
Aliens 107 Strax
Aliens 108 Supreme Dalek
Aliens 109 Sutekh
Aliens 110 Terileptil
Aliens 111 Tetrap
Aliens 112 Time Beetle
Aliens 113 The Siren
Aliens 114 Vervoid
Aliens 115 Vespiform
Aliens 116 Madame Vastra
Aliens 117 Vinvocci
Aliens 118 Werewolf
Aliens 119 Zygon
Humans 120 Adelaide Brooke
Humans 121 Agatha Christie
Humans 122 Alex
Humans 123 Biff
Humans 124 Canton Delaware
Humans 125 Captain Avery
Humans 126 Captain Hardsker
Humans 127 Charles Dickens
Humans 128 Chloe Webber
Humans 129 Cline
Humans 130 Commander Lytton
Humans 131 Craig Owens
Humans 132 Darla
Humans 133 Dr Constantine
Humans 134 Francine Jones
Humans 135 General Cobb
Humans 136 Hawthorne
Humans 137 Helen A
Humans 138 Jake Simmonds
Humans 139 Jennifer Lucas
Humans 140 Jenny Flint
Humans 141 Klineman Halpen
Humans 142 Lady Clemency Eddison
Humans 143 Lady Sylvia Thaw
Humans 144 Lance Bennett
Humans 145 Lucas
Humans 146 Lucius Caecilius Lucundus
Humans 147 Lucy Saxon
Humans 148 Luke Rattigan
Humans 149 Madame de Pompadour
Humans 150 Mercy Hartigan
Humans 151 Miss Foster
Humans 152 Morgaine
Humans 153 Mr Diagoras
Humans 154 Nefertiti
Humans 155 Oswin Oswald
Humans 156 Penny Carter
Humans 157 Private Harris
Humans 158 Private Ross Jenkins
Humans 159 Professor Hobbes
Humans 160 Professor Richard Lazarus
Humans 161 Queen Victoria
Humans 162 Rajesh Singh
Humans 163 Richard Nixon
Humans 164 Rosita
Humans 165 Scorby
Humans 166 Shakespeare
Humans 167 Solomon
Humans 168 Soothsayer
Humans 169 Tegana the Warlord
Humans 170 The Editor
Humans 171 Thomas Milligan
Humans 173 Trish Webber
Humans 174 Vincent Van Gogh
Humans 175 Winston Churchill
Humans 176 Wyatt Earp
Humans 177 Yvonne Hartman
Humans 178 Zack Flane
Humanoid 179 Chip
Humanoid 180 John Lumic
Humanoid 181 Laszlo
Humanoid 182 The Dream Lord
Humanoid 183 The Vampires of Venice
Companions 184 Ace
Companions 185 Adric
Companions 186 Amelia Pond
Companions 187 Amy Pond
Companions 188 Astrid Peth
Companions 189 Barbara Wright
Companions 190 Christina de Souza
Companions 191 Clara Oswald
Companions 192 Donna Noble
Companions 193 Jackie Tyler
Companions 194 Katarina
Companions 195 Martha Jones
Companions 196 Nyssa
Companions 197 Peri Brown
Companions 198 Rose Tyler
Companions 199 Rory Williams
Companions 200 Sara Kingdom
Companions 201 Wilfred Mott
Companions 202 Zoe Herriot
Time Lords 203 Azmael
Time Lords 204 Omega
Time Lords 205 Professor Yana
Time Lords 206 Rani
Time Lords 207 Rassilon
Time Lords 208 Romana
Time Lords 209 Romana II
Time Lords 210 The Second Doctor
Time Lords 211 The Third Doctor
Time Lords 212 The Fourth Doctor
Time Lords 213 The Fifth Doctor
Time Lords 214 The Six Doctor
Time Lords 215 The Seventh Doctor
Time Lords 216 The Eighth Doctor
Time Lords 217 The Ninth Doctor
Time Lords 218 The Tenth Doctor
Time Lords 219 The Eleventh Doctor
Time Lords 220 The Meddling Monk
Time Lords 221 The Woman
Robots222 Auton
Robots223 Clockwork Droid
Robots224 Handbot
Robots225 Kandy Man
Robots226 Kamelion
Robots227 Smiler
Robots228 The Host
Robots229 Trine-E & Zu-Zana
Cyborgs230 Bannakaffalatta
Cyborgs231 Cybermats
Cyborgs232 Max Capricorn
Cyborgs233 Mr Sin
Cyborgs234 The Gunslinger
Cyborgs235 The Winders
Humanoid Cats236 Novice Hame
Humanoid Cats237 Sisters of Plenitude
Humanoid Cats238 Thomas Kincade Brannigan
Demon239 Azal
Vehicle240 Dalek Mothership

Special promotional cards Edit

  • Four other special exclusive edition cards were also made available,

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