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Torchwood, published by Titan Publishing Group, was an ongoing American comic book that began publication in 2016.

It was the first ever fully original Torchwood comic book, though Torchwood: The Official Comic previously reprinted comics from Torchwood The Official Magazine. It was also notable for its connections to other non-televised Torchwood media: its story followed on from the novel Exodus Code and was in continuity with the Big Finish Torchwood audio series.


  1. World Without End (4 parts)
  2. Station Zero (4 parts)
  3. The Culling (4 parts)


      Collected editions

      Volume Issues Title Stories Publication date
      1 1-4 World Without End World Without End 29 March 2017
      2 2.1-2.4 Station Zero Station Zero 9 August 2017
      3 3.1-3.4 The Culling The Culling 25 April 2018