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Torchwood Archive
Affiliation: Torchwood Institute
Notable members: Zachary Cross Flane
First seen in: The Impossible Planet
Appearances: TV: The Satan Pit, AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive

The Torchwood Archive was a department of the Torchwood Institute tasked with storing and cataloguing alien artefacts, originally operating at the Torchwood House, and millennia later on a space station at the very edge of human space. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)

The Archive still existed in the 42nd century. Captain Zachary Cross Flane represented it in the Walker Expedition. (TV: The Satan Pit)

Jayne Kadett told the Tenth Doctor that an interplanetary info-thief stole files from the Torchwood Archive and used them to build his own army of Cybus Industries Cybermen, which he planned on selling as hi-tech soldiers to the highest bidder. However, the Cybermen turned on him, converted him into a Cyberdrone and a Cyber-Leader took charge as the Cybermen invaded Centuria. (COMIC: The Power of the Cybermen, Time of the Cybermen)

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