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Toys were objects made to be played with, usually by children.

The Celestial Toymaker had a collection of toys in his realm, and turned those who lost his games into his toys. (TV: The Celestial Toymaker) When the Twelfth Doctor helped him build a new toyroom, he began playing with figures of himself and the First Doctor. (COMIC: Relative Dimensions)

The Eleventh Doctor briefly worked in the toy department of Sanderson & Grainger in 2011. (TV: Closing Time) He later repaired toys for the children of Christmas, Trenzalore. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

The Albanians mockingly referred to the army of Mussolini's Italy as an "army of toy soldiers" during the 1939 invasion. This made the shame of defeat worse when Italy conquered the nation. (PROSE: Deadly Reunion)

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