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The Toys were a type of artificially created organisms which could sense the emotions of others.

Biology Edit

The Toys were humanoid in their natural form. When they weren't bonded to another being, they looked like featureless mannequins made of flesh. Toys could sense the emotions of nearby people and change their appearances to match the needs of these people. They could also change their behaviours to satisfy those peoples' needs. After spending a long time with a person they would become bonded to them, and could sicken and die without that person.

The Toys were created by modifying the cells of dead humans and growing them in chambers. They were nearly identical to human except for two glands by their neck which powered their empathic abilities. If these glands were removed, the Toys quickly died. (PROSE: Bad Therapy)

History Edit

The Toys were originally created by Moriah to replace his wife, Petruska, after he killed her for infidelity. After searching the universe for ways to bring her back, he decided to create the Toys to copy her. He founded the Petruska Institute in the 1950s in London as a front for his studies and used the Toys as psychological therapists. This attempt failed, since, deep down, he felt guilty about killing Petruska. This made the Toys fight him. One of them, later known as Tilda Jupp, escaped, helped smuggle Toys out of the institute and bond to humans. (PROSE: Bad Therapy)

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