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Tranchard's Fell was a village in England.

The heads of the village belonged to the Portillon family at least since Black Death. In the 1650s, Claude Portillon was the village squire. By the 2000s, the village disappeared, but its name was transferred to the mansion of the Earls of Whetstone, called Tranchard's Folly.

Tranchard's Fell had a manor house of the squire, a church and a butcher's shop of the local butcher. Morris's farm and Sutherland's Meadow were located nearby.

The village underwent a pox epidemic in the first half of the 17th century.

Tranchard's Fell was situated only few miles from Vetter's Tor, where a Varaxil spacecraft crash-landed in the 1650s. The actions of the two Varaxils, who survived the crash, caused a witch scare in the village and compelled the squire to call a Witch-Pricker from Lincoln, John Kincaid. The resulting events, which involved the Eighth Doctor, were significant enough to deserve a mention in history books, which could be found in the TARDIS's digital library.

An abandoned well near Morris's farm served as a prison for the Witch from the Well for 350 years.

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