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Tranchard's Folly was the mansion of Aleister Portillon, the thirteenth Earl of Whetstone, in the 2000s. It was named after the village of Tranchard's Fell that was situated on the same spot earlier.

Apart from the earl's study, the mansion had a conservatory and a library. There were the Internet and telephone.

In the 2000s, the mansion was renovated by labourers from Janek's team.

An overgrown well in the grounds of the mansion served as a prison for a witch since the 1650s.

Aleister Portillon kept a powerful artefact from the Hecatrix Dimension, the WitchStar, locked in a drawer of his study.

Tranchard's Folly was the place where Janek died after triggering a lokic trap set for the witch. Later, trying to save the witch, Mary Shelley and Aleister Portillon inadvertently caused the death of two Varaxils who have been hunting the witch since the 1650s, having taken the forms of Lucern and Finicia. (AUDIO: The Witch from the Well)

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