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Travast Polong was a small, slug-like, multi-eyed alien. Though not evil, it was a repeated annoyance to Sarah Jane Smith.

In 2009, it attempted to put a plot into action at a hospital in Tarminster. Sarah Jane Smith showed up and it ran from her. She left to deal with a Berserker. (TV: The Mark of the Berserker)

Later that same year, it was being sold on eBay in its dormant stage. Sarah Jane bought it to keep it out of trouble. When it arrived at Sarah Jane's house, Rani Chandra and Clyde Langer took it inside Rani's house, where it escaped. They eventually recaptured it and Sarah Jane had Mr Smith teleport him to Polongus. (TV: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith)

Travast Polong lived in the wet and slimy bog of the planet. The slimy bog had the perfect temperature and provided a lot of food. Travast Polong couldn't survive in the desert of the planet. (GAME: Plant and Animal Habitats)

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