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Treasure of the Daleks (comic story)

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Treasure of the Daleks
The Dalek World Treasure of the Daleks Brit 1
Key crew
Publisher: Souvenir Press
Writer: David Whitaker and Terry Nation
Release details
Printed in: The Dalek World
Release date: 11 October 1965
Format: Duotone, 8 pages
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Dalek annuals
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Treasure of the Daleks was a comic story original to The Dalek World, a Dalek annual of 1965.

Summary Edit

Unispace Security Agent Brit lands her ship Daring at Satellite Airport, three light years from Pluto. Two men, Borg and Zemmer, sneak aboard her ship. They knock her out with nerve gas and take the ship to Skaro. When she wakes, they tell her they plan to rob the Dalek Treasure House. They have taken her ship because it is capable of slipping past Skaro's defences and the Daleks will blame her for their robbery.

Zemmer freezes the guns guarding the Treasure House with supercold rocket fuel. Inside, the Treasure House is filled with rubies (from Venus), diamonds, emeralds, and other treasures, but is guarded by a giant slug-like Dredly. While Zemmer and Borg kill the Dredly, Brit escapes from her bonds using a large diamond and returns to her ship. Zemmer and Borg follow, but they are killed by the defence guns. The guns have reactivated because they have forgotten that under Skaro's twin suns, things melt twice as fast. The Daleks reinventory their Treasure House and find nothing missing except the diamond Brit used to escape.

Characters Edit

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Notes Edit

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Continuity Edit

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