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Trevor was a folk musician who had a few hits in the 1960s - one of which was Falling Star. In the late '60s, Trevor was fatally wounded in a motorcycle accident. His body was put in suspended animation.

The Zygon Haygoth took Trevor's body and kept it permanently in a body-print machine while he assumed Trevor's identity. In 1984, Trevor was kept in the basement of the Bygones Guest Hotel. The Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller discovered Trevor while searching through the hotel. (AUDIO: The Zygon Who Fell to Earth)

Behind the scenes Edit

While Trevor's body is seen in The Zygon Who Fell to Earth, Trevor does not have any lines in the story. Most of Steven Pacey's voicework for the story has him playing Haygoth, but Pacey technically voiced Trevor when he sang the lyrics for the song Falling Star, which is played diegetically a couple times in the story.