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Trevor Ray acted as assistant script editor to Terrance Dicks and Derrick Sherwin during the latter half of sixth season of Doctor Who. He replaced Terrance Dicks, who had vacated the position to briefly be the script editor before stepping down to write The War Games. (REF: The Second Doctor Handbook) After Dicks was rehired as script editor for season 7, Ray remained in place as his assistant for at least the majority of that season. (REF: The Third Doctor Handbook)

He made an on-screen appearance in Doctor Who and the Silurians as a ticket collector who falls victim to the Silurian virus. (DWM 222) He also acted as production supervisor for the story's location work, since the show was without a producer in the wake of Sherwin being re-assigned to Paul Temple, and incoming producer Barry Letts not having yet arrived.[source needed] Ray also wrote the teleplay for the first episode of The Ambassadors of Death, after the production team were unhappy with David Whitaker's original version of the story. (REF: The Third Doctor Handbook)

Despite being an important member of the Doctor Who production team for two years, Ray was never once given an on-screen credit in the show.

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