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Trevor Reardon was a Nu-Human. Claudia Mason was his aunt.

Trevor saved the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams from the Sky Raptors. He shot at the animals and they flew away. However, since a lot of Nu-Humans had died, he distrusted the Doctor and his companions. He thought they could have killed the Nu-Humans. Later he found out that his aunt was responsible for killing off the Nu-Humans. Claudia Mason's grandfather had created the Nu-Humans by using alien DNA which he mixed with the human DNA. It seemed to work, but in the second generation of Nu-Humans there were diseases and mental deterioration. Trevor was shocked when he realised that all his aunt cared for was the money and not finding a cure to the diseases. So Trevor protected the Doctor and his friends from Claudia. When Claudia died, Trevor became the new governor. The Doctor gave him Rory's DNA so that Trevor could find a cure for the diseases. (AUDIO: The Nu-Humans)