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Trinity Wells was an American newsreader. She reported several alien encounters for an American news network known as "AMNN".

Based on her Zodiac sign, Leo, she was born in July or August. In 2009, Wells was briefly taken over when Martin Trueman (possessed by the Ancient Lights) invoked Leo into his circle. (TV: Secrets of the Stars)

During Christmas 2009, she was covering a speech by Barack Obama during which he was supposed to reveal his financial plan to battle a worldwide economic recession. Along with Obama and the rest of the human race, Wells was temporarily transformed into a duplicate of the Master during the speech. (TV: The End of Time)

The Eleventh Doctor once mentioned never having met Wells in person, but knew that whenever he saw her on the news it was a sure sign there was trouble. (PROSE: The Forgotten Army)

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In a parallel world, she announced the March of the Adipose in the United States. (TV: Turn Left)

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Trinty Wells' news report, captioned "Mal Loup"

Trinity Wells was not named on-screen until Turn Left. Before that, there had been much speculation over her name. It was later revealed by Russell T Davies that she was offically unnamed until series 2, when he finally decided to name the recurring character Trinity Wells.

The words "Mal Loup" (aka Bad Wolf) appeared captioning one of her news reports, but seem to be a manifestation of the Bad Wolf meme, as explored in Turn Left, in which the word appears everywhere in many forms.

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