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Troilus and Cressida (short story)

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Troilus and Cressida
Doctor: First Doctor
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Printed in: The Shakespeare Notebooks
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The Shakespeare Notebooks
Antony and Cleopatra Pericles

Troilus and Cressida was the thirteenth story in The Shakespeare Notebooks.

Summary Edit

This is a peculiar variant of Shakespeare's play about the Trojan War - a conflict that began when Paris, son of Priam, King of Troy, persuaded the Spartan Queen, Helen to leave her husband, Menelaus, and return with him to his home city. Troy was besieged by the Greek for almost a decade - until the deadlock was broken by a clever trick involving a wooden horse.

Here, the Prologue from the original version of the play seems to have some trouble keeping to his place in the drama - and also claims to be the author of the successful Greek plan. Some scholars point to this as more anachronistic evidence that the Notebooks are fakes.

Characters Edit

References Edit

Notes Edit

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Continuity Edit

  • The Doctor has visited Troy in his TARDIS. (TV: The Myth Makers)
  • During the aforementioned visit, Vicki left the TARDIS and took on the identity of Cressia.

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