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You may be looking for another type of space-faring boar.

The Tuskens were a species that evolved from the boars of Earth.

Biology Edit

Tuskens were large creatures, much taller than a human. They were similar in shape to a bipedal boar, with a large hump, cloven hooves for feet, long snouts and massive tusks. (PROSE: Mad Dogs and Englishmen)

History Edit

Tuskens had evolved from the wild boars of England, and were very proud of their origin. They believed that boars were magically reintroduced to England in 1987 by the gods to fulfil their destiny. In reality, Tuskens had came about because boars had escaped from a farm and came to the house of the Doctor. The Doctor taught these boars how to speak, eventually leading to them becoming an intelligent, space-faring species.

In the 2070s, a Tusken named Mr Brewster owned a hotel on an asteroid. (PROSE: Mad Dogs and Englishmen)

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