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The Twelfth Doctor's era of comics was notable for having several regularly-published titles: Doctor Who Magazine, Doctor Who Adventures and Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor.

The first comic to feature the Twelfth Doctor, a Doctor Who Magazine comic strip entitled The Eye of Torment, was released in part before the airing of TV: Deep Breath, although the Doctor did not feature prominently in the DWM comic strip until the second part. Much of the story's first part instead featured his televised travelling companion Clara Oswald, who was already a regular character in the magazine's strip for some time prior.

Road Rage, a DWA comic, and Terrorformer, a Titan comic, would premiere over the following two months. Titan had recently purchased the rights to Doctor Who, and had begun publishing with comics featuring the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. Doctor Who Adventures would shut down in 2017, due to a drop in sales.

The Twelfth Doctor's era of comic stories was noted for being fitted with a sense of freedom, which allowed the era to resurrect a variety of ideas from the television show without heavy intervention from the BBC or those in charge of the television program. Like the Eighth Doctor's set of stories, there was also higher chances for comics to create their own story lines and characters set in-between gaps in the televised stories.

The Doctor Who Magazine story Doorway to Hell illustrated the Twelfth Doctor meeting the Master as previously played by Roger Delgado, and the Titan back-up comic The Abominable Showmen and The Five Masters illustrated the Doctor meeting several incarnations of the rival Time Lord. This would have been nearly impossible in the days of comics under the Tenth Doctor, given the then-taboo nature of discussing the existence of Time Lords after the destruction of Gallifrey.

Doctor Who Magazine also celebrated its 500th issue with The Stockbridge Showdown, which was set in the recurring DWM location of Stockbridge, and featured several former companions from the magazine's comic strip and the defeat of returning villain Josiah W. Dogbolter.

Four Doctors was not only a Multi-Doctor story, but it also featured an appearance by an alternate Twelfth Doctor from the future of a version of TV: Dark Water. Printed with a special thanks notice to Steven Moffat, the story heavily foreshadowed the finale of Series 9 by illustrating how the Twelfth Doctor would react to the death of Clara Oswald. Supremacy of the Cybermen, meanwhile, served as a direct sequel to Hell Bent, showing Rassilon's return after being exiled from Gallifrey. Ghost Stories followed up on the narrative featured in TV: The Return of Doctor Mysterio.

Comic strip companions of the Twelfth Doctor Edit

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Doctor Who Magazine Edit

Travelling with Clara Oswald
Travelling alone
Living with Jess Collins and her family
Travelling with Bill Potts

Doctor Who Adventures Edit

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Travelling with Clara Oswald

Panini Edit

Travelling with Clara Oswald
Travelling alone
Travelling with Jata
Travelling with Gaz

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Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Edit

Travelling with Clara Oswald
Travelling with Hattie Monroe
Travelling with Julie d'Aubigny
Travelling with Val Kent and Sonny Robinson
Travelling with Hattie Monroe
Travelling alone
Travelling with Bill Potts

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Travelling with Clara Oswald

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Travelling with Clara Oswald
Travelling alone

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