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Type 70 was a type of TARDIS used by Time Lords. The Fifth Doctor noted that a Type 70 TARDIS could break through a temporal distortion grid, whereas his own Type 40 could not. (AUDIO: Singularity)

CIA Coordinator Vansell used a Type 70 TARDIS. (AUDIO: The Sirens of Time)

Robert Knox owned a Type 70, which could be voice controlled. He purchased it from a Nekkistani on Gryben. (AUDIO: Medicinal Purposes, AUDIO: Assassin in the Limelight)

The Eighth Doctor once had to steer his TARDIS past a flotilla of Type 70s trying to locate him in the time vortex. (AUDIO: Embrace the Darkness)

A feature of the Type 70 was that it could pause its materialisation. Lady President Romana used this feature when changing timelines whilst interrogating Commander Torvald, and always wanted to test it out. However, she found it pointless when K9 told her that it lasted two microspans. (AUDIO: A Blind Eye)

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