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UNIT was an audio series produced by Big Finish Productions. It featured the UNIT dealing with various problems, such as modern day terrorism, without the presence of the Doctor. The series was relaunched in 2015 as UNIT: The New Series.

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Notes Edit

  • While the core cast does not change throughout each individual series, there are various guest cast and characters. Please see individual story pages for more detail.
  • Colonel Chaudhry is the only character to appear in all five audio dramas in the first series.
  • Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is the only character from the classic series to appear in UNIT.
  • Unusually, the end of each episode of the first series closes with a next time trailer narrated by Nicholas Briggs. This would not become common practice until the new series began airing on television.
  • The series' cover art uses an updated UNIT logo, a logo carried over to their first new series appearance in Aliens of London / World War Three.

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