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The Potemkin and Lassiter engaging the Borg at Delta IV.

In a parallel universe, the USS Potemkin and the USS Lassiter were the two main Starfleet starships which confronted the Borg and the Cybermen in the initial stages of the invasion of Delta IV in 2368. (COMIC: Assimilation²)

Behind the scenes Edit

From a DWU perspective, it hardly matters that there have been several starships Potemkin. From a Star Trek universe standpoint, however, it's a matter of curiosity which Potemkin this is. It's never shown, so Star Trek fans are left to speculate based solely on the given stardate of the story. It plausibly could be the NCC-18253 or the Defiant-class vessel of the same name, though it should be noted that Memory Beta presumes it to be the former ship, and also that the first Defiant-class ship was not launched until 2370.

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