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Abigail Uluru

Abigail Pettigrew in front of Uluru. (TV: A Christmas Carol)

You may be looking for the spaceship.

Uluru or Ayers Rock was a natural landform in Australia. It was a traditional tourist destination, though it was known to rightfully belong to the Aborigines. (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People) It was roughly four hundred fifty kilometres south-west of Barrow Creek. (PROSE: Three Steps to the Left)

Nate Simms once visited there during a series of visits to "part[s] of the continent that most Australian residents had never set foot in". He considered Uluru the "rightful" name of Ayers Rock. (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People)

The Eleventh Doctor, Kazran Sardick and Abigail Pettigrew visited Uluru one Christmas Eve. (TV: A Christmas Carol)

The Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex also once visited the landmark — though at the time it wasn't on Earth. (AUDIO: Dreamtime)

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