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Under Pressure (comic story)

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Under Pressure
Yearbook 92 Third Doctor Jo Four
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companion(s): Ace
Featuring: Fourth Doctor, Third Doctor, Jo Grant
Main enemy: The Sea Devils
Main setting: England, 1970s
Key crew
Publisher: Marvel Comics UK
Editor: John Freeman
Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Vincent Danks
Cam Smith
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who Yearbook 1992
Release date: September 1991
Format: Comic / 8 pages
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Under Pressure was one of the earliest full-colour Doctor Who comics published by Marvel UK. It featured the Seventh Doctor telling Ace a story about an incident when his third and fourth selves nearly met.

It was published in two parts that appeared in the same volume — the very first Doctor Who Yearbook.

Summary Edit

The Seventh Doctor tells Ace a story about when he helped himself diffuse a crisis with the Sea Devils.

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  • Despite being blonde in the television series, Jo is depicted as a brunette.

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