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The Undercardinal was a subordinate of CIA Coordinator Vansell. He was in charge of the operations of a Class 7C Time Station.

The Undercardinal was in charge of the Time Station when Madam President Romana and Coordinator Vansell drove it through a portal (created from the Eighth Doctor's companion Charlotte Pollard into the Antiverse. Whilst there, the ship and the Undercardinal were infected with anti-time. The Undercardinal obligingly followed the orders of a similarly infected Vansell and the Neverperson Sentris as the Time Station was set up with a bomb of anti-time.

The Time Station was piloted out of the Antiverse by the Undercardinal, with the bomb set to detonate upon reaching Gallifrey. The Station was intercepted by the Eighth Doctor, however, who materialised his TARDIS around the Time Station. The subsequent detonation was contained inside the Doctor's TARDIS, but the Station and the Undercardinal were annihilated by the explosion. (AUDIO: Neverland)