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Unearthly Things was the fifth story of the Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor comic story series published in 2015.

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Fresh from their adventures in Las Vegas, the Doctor and Clara are eager for a change of scenery, but their next destination aboard the TARDIS will prove a SHOCKING change of pace!

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  • Clara was part of St Mary's School's rugby team, where she learnt to tackle.
  • The Doctor states that the Last Great Time War was still raging the last time he met an Aranox.
  • Charlotte declares that the events of the story have given her an idea for her book, concerning a schoolmistress, a begrudging hero and dark, hidden secrets. This is implied to be her most well-known novel, Jane Eyre. Clara jokingly calls the Doctor "Mr. Doc-chester", referencing Rochester, a character in the novel.

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