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Untitled (DWS short story)

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Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Companion(s): Rose
Main enemy: Factor Eleven on the Oddness Scale
Main setting: The Moon
Key crew
Writer: Robert Shearman
Illustrator: Brian Williamson
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who Storybook 2007
Release date: 1 July 2006
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Doctor Who Storybook
Gravestone House No One Died

Untitled was a short story in the 2007 Doctor Who Storybook. Written by Robert Shearman, it featured the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler. Somewhat confusingly, it was not an untitled story, but a story with the title of Untitled.

Summary Edit

The Doctor and Rose travel to an art gallery on the Moon. There they find a painting depicting Rose screaming and looking at something in terror. It has no title, and there is no information about who painted it, when it was painted or even its genre and inspirations. The Doctor and Rose look around the gallery, finding a room full of bodies frozen in position and rendered in many different colours, all screaming like the depiction of Rose.

Upon walking back to the untitled painting, they notice that all the other artwork in the gallery have changed to include Rose's screaming face. The Doctor takes the painting from the wall, realising that the painting isn't screaming, but instead slowly speaking the words: "Who am I?" Paint begins to run down the walls, and the Doctor dives into it, tapping into the mind of this entity and learning all about where it came from. The artist had intended to create the best piece of artwork of all, and used a soul extractor to do so. However, he became addicted to the device, and accidentally poured all of his passion and soul into the painting, creating an intelligent creature. The Doctor answers the painting's question, telling it that it can decide what it wants to be, and inspiring it to become the first piece of art in the gallery to depict a lemon cheesecake.

Characters Edit

References Edit

  • Rose's job at Henrik's had been a stop-gap until she found something better.

Notes Edit

to be added

Continuity Edit

to be added

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