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Urglanic Shapeshifters were shapeshifters. They teamed up with the Krulius to take down Sarah Jane and her group.

Rani was on her laptop doing homework, when all of a sudden a link popped up. She clicked it and it ended up being a teleport onto the Krulius' spaceship. When she ran away from the Krulius, she met up with an Urglanic Shapeshifter, taking the form of Clyde, which the shapeshifter thought would work to gain the trust of Rani, which didn't work. They met up with another Urglanic Shapeshifter, also taking the form of Clyde. Soon they turned into their normal, green form and chased Rani. Rani found the fast return switch and escaped. They reported to the Krulius that they failed, but in reality ended up being part of his plan. (COMIC: Return of the Krulius)

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