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Possibly known as: Oliver
Age: 15
Affiliated with: The OJ Reviews
Place of origin: England
Favourite Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Favourite companion: Donna Noble, Rory Williams
Favourite episode: The Day of the Doctor
Favourite season: Series 2
Languages: English

Welcome to my User page.

Doctor WhoEdit

My first ever Doctor Who experiance was a 7-year-old me sitting on the sofa watching Rose. It was very different from what I'd seen before. Things like Doctor Who I'd only seen in the movies so I instantly fell in love and thought it was (is) awesome. From then on I've watched every series and read some books and 1 or 2 audio's. I am definatly a big Whovian and know probably a bit too much.


The Tenth Doctor is awesome. Just made it really real and the acting and stories were great. Matt Smith is good and funny but a bit childish sometimes.

My Favourite episodes are:

  1. The Day of the Doctor
  2. A Town Called Mercy
  3. Midnight

This WikiaEdit

I found this website with know idea about the Wikia community; so, I created a Wikia account thinking it was just for the TARDIS Index Files and that his how my username came about. I chose Blathereen as I'd just watched The Gift a few weeks earlier.

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