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Possibly known as: Oliver
Age: 17
Affiliated with: The OJ Reviews
Place of origin: England
Favourite Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Favourite companion: Donna Noble, Rory Williams
Favourite episode: The Day of the Doctor
Favourite season: Series 3
Languages: English

Welcome to my User page.

Doctor WhoEdit

My first ever Doctor Who experiance was a 7-year-old me sitting on the sofa watching Rose. It was very different from what I'd seen before. Things like Doctor Who I'd only seen in the movies so I instantly fell in love and thought it was (is) awesome. From then on I've watched every series and read some books and 1 or 2 audio's. I am definatly a big Whovian and know probably a bit too much.


The Tenth Doctor is awesome. Just made it really real and the acting and stories were great.

My Favourite episode is The Day of The Doctor. Other episodes I enjoy a lot are The Family of Blood, Blink, Midnight and The God Complex.

This WikiaEdit

I found this website with know idea about the Wikia community; so, I created a Wikia account thinking it was just for the TARDIS Index Files and that his how my username came about. I chose Blathereen as I'd just watched The Gift a few weeks earlier.

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