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  • Doctor: William Hartnell (First) and Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor)
  • companion: Jamie (the scotsman) [with the second doctor], Jo Grant (Katy Manning) [Third Doctor], Romana (Lala Ward) [Fourth Doctor], Nyssa of Trakan (Sarah Sutton) [Fourth and Fifth Doctors]
  • writer: Peter Moffat, Terence Dudley, Terry Nation, Terrance Dicks, Bob Holmes
  • director: Peter Moffat (also directed in the Five Doctors), Mary Ridge and Christopher Barry
  • Producer: V Lambert, B Letts, Philip Hinchcliffe, JNT
  • old series story: [favourite story of each doctor] The Web Planet - The War Games- The Curse of Peladon - The Talons of Weng-Chiang** - Black Orchid/Snakedance* - 6th - 7th
  • new series story: no real favourite really. its more of a story arc.
  • Big Finish audio story: tba
  • Comic story: tba
  • No out right-out favourite
    • Hard to choose but this season finale was end of the pinnacle era i would suggest.

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